Orasure receives approvals to sell the OraQuick In Home Oral HIV Test

OraQuickBecause HIV is so widespread across the world, a solution needed to be developed for rapid oral fluid testing to help people who believe they may have been exposed to HIV find out quickly if they are at risk. Just a few months ago, the government broke the news that the company Orasure, based out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, had received approval to sell their U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved OraQuick home HIV test kit directly to the public and most health officials are in agreement that this is a major positive development that could affect tens of thousands across the world.

Back in 1983, the FDA licensed the first blood test for AIDS for commercial production and this blood test was designed to reveal the presence of antibodies in the blood sample. At this time, this was the most advanced process for HIV testing, however statistics were showing that people were not getting tested early enough to allow for proper treatment and that a faster better solution to testing was needed.

OraQuick was developed just for that reason: a simple oral test to determine if HIV antibodies exist and that can be administered by medical professionals in doctor’s offices or local clinics or at home as a do-it-yourself kit. As the first test of it’s kind approved by the FDA for over the counter use and sales, OraQuick is light years ahead of historical methods of testing because of it’s accuracy and speed and is quickly being adopted throughout the world as an effective alternative to blood tests. Let’s take a look at what OraQuick home tests a little closer to see how it can benefit you.

What does the OraQuick test do?

What makes the OraQuick test different from blood tests is that it tests for antibodies by taking a swab sample of fluids from the inside of your upper and lower gums and then inserting the swab into the provided test tube for evaluation. This all can be safely and discreetly done from the comfort of your own home with results in about 20-minutes. The test will determine if the HIV virus is present and is extremely accurate based on case studies. In one study, nearly 5,000 people were given the OraQuick test kit to take home and use and the results showed OraQuick was accurate in 99.9% of the cases.

OraQuick Positive Negative Results Image

After following the swabbing directions and waiting 20-minutes, you will be presented with the results of the test on the test stick and it’s important to accurately read the results. If there is only one line and it’s next to the “C” on the stick, this is a NEGATIVE result which means the OraQuick HIV test shows NO HIV antibodies present. If there are two lines, one next to the “C” and another line next to the “T” (even a very faint line), this is a POSITIVE result which means the OraQuick HIV test shows you may have HIV. If you have a positive indication, it is important in this case to reach out to a health care professional to confirm the results of the test.

Please remember to only use this test as directed as results can be affected by not following the specific directions provided by Orasure, the makers of the OraQuick HIV test kit. Do not ever use any other fluids (i.e. blood, sweat, semen, etc.) when using OraQuick as the kit is not made to test for the HIV virus using those fluids.

Also, please note that OraQuick is accurate when testing is done 3-months AFTER what they call the ‘risk event’ or the specific time that you believe you may have come in contact with HIV. Testing any earlier than 3-months very well may affect the results.


Who should use the OraQuick HIV test and when should it be used?

If you are age 17 or older and believe you may have encountered a situation where you could have been exposed to the HIV virus, the OraQuick home HIV test is something you should consider. Many will take the test simply because they were involved in a ‘risk event’ that could possibly have exposed them to HIV. Some of those risk events include but are not limited to:OraSure OraQuick ADVANCE Controls, 3/bx

  • Use of illegal drugs, shared syringes or needles
  • Previous diagnosis or treatment for hepatitis or other sexually transmitted disease
  • Sex with multiple partners or with someone who is either HIV positive or whose HIV status is unknown to you

Because the OraQuick test is an FDA approved over the counter kit, it is easily obtained and can be used by anyone simply curious about their own HIV status. There is no prescription required, no hospital or clinic visit needed and no specific medical experience required in order to administer the test. It is a simple and private test that anyone can follow and is highly recommended for anyone simply wanting to obtain a piece of mind in knowing their own health status.

Where is the best place to buy OraQuick?

Oraquick Oral In Home Saliva Test For Hiv. (Completely Private) The 1St Test You Can Read Yourself. No Outside Facilities Involved.In the past, OraQuick was only something that medical professionals could administer in a hospital or clinical setting however, as of July 2012 after the FDA’s final approval, OraQuick is now available over the counter and can be found online and at most pharmacies throughout America.

Because studies have shown that most people who want to take the HIV test desire to remain anonymous, one of the best sources to keep your privacy is by ordering from any number of online websites that sell the kits. Amazon.com, the world’s largest online retailer, is now carrying the OraQuick test kits on their site and this is great news for those looking to buy this product discreetly as their packaging only ever shows “Amazon” on the box and the contents will never be revealed to anyone. We have a special link directly to the OraQuick test kit below so take advantage of their deals, check out buyer reviews and buy with confidence that your purchase will as always remain confidential.